Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records


Aprima Medical Software, Inc., is a leading developer of electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM) and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for medical practices. The philosophy is simple. Despite individual challenges in adoption, they’ll never allow a medical practice to fail.

Advanced Office Systems has partnered with Aprima to bring our clients the best EHR/PM system available on the market today. Both companies are committed to successfully bringing every physician and clinician through the transition from a paper-based environment to one where technology improves everyone’s experience, not drives everyone mad.

Vision. Individuality. Speed. Care.
  • Unlike most EHR/PM systems that were cobbled together from corporate acquisitions, Aprima is a single application built on a single database . It features hundreds of thousands of chief complaints built in. And its adaptive learning capability automatically adjusts to how you practice with no programming required.
  • The Aprima EHR solution has no templates. Why does that matter? Just try documenting multiple chief complaints with any other EHR. Then try it with Aprima. You’ll see a dramatic difference. Another point: templates need to be customized. And customization is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Physicians say they love how the Aprima EHR speeds them through patient visits. Charts are closed at the end of the day, not at home or on weekends. Lab results are where they should be. Data can be entered on a tablet PC by handwriting, keying, transcribing or dictation.
  • The integrated EHR and PM make the addition of the revenue cycle management solution a logical step for medical practices seeking a one-stop-shop solution to optimize clinical encounters and maximize revenue growth opportunities.
  • Aprima’s support and implementation teams are committed to your success. They’re based in the U.S. They understand what people go through to automate a practice and are not satisfied until everyone is happy.

Electronic Health Records

Improve your efficiency with Aprima, not just your recordkeeping. Aprima was designed to help doctors gain more control over their time and their practice. We continuously innovate to meet changing needs, compliance regulations and emerging technology for greater efficiency, so you get access to the latest solutions.

Listening to Physicians
Aprima’s technology leadership has come about primarily because we listen to physicians and their staffs. They actively participate in helping us design workflow and tools that meet the needs of medical practices. Through our bi-monthly physician advisory panel meetings. we learn what works, what needs work and what should be on the road map for the future.

Create dictation and ensure seamless transcription with a solution that doesn’t require a change in the way you practice medicine. Aprima supports a variety of transcription and dictation import and export methods to streamline the EHR creation process.

Health Maintenance
Help ensure patients comply with medical advice and best practices via automated alerts. Get better outcomes and increase practice revenue with an easy-to-use solution that alerts you to diagnosis and payer information as well as overdue tests or procedures.

Use Aprima’s handwriting feature on a tablet PC to write new prescriptions or quickly write refills electronically. It’s liberating. And legible. Download a patient’s medication history from the pharmacy to learn if any prescriptions you’re considering may conflict with any the patient already takes.

Adaptive Learning
Aprima learns how you practice and adapts to you, resulting in easier adoption and deployment. For example, commonly selected items bubble to the top of lists.

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Practice Management

Revenue Cycle Management
Aprima’s revenue cycle management (RCM) solution excels since the EHR and PM share a common database, a meaningful differentiator in the industry. Billing and payment information in the PM plus coding data from the EHR can be accessed and reviewed without having to switch applications. Reports can be easily and quickly produced that enable medical practices to better understand billing and coding reconciliation, financial reporting to monitor performance, communications with payers and automation of collections.

Electronic Document Interchange
Submit claims and receive payment quickly and conveniently with a system that significantly reduces accounts-receivable time requirements. Aprima’s HIPAA-compliant EDI tool interfaces with the messaging capabilities to help you track and resolve issues as they arise for fast claims resolution.

Connect with commonly used third-party software as well as clearinghouses, document scanning devices, laboratories and clinical equipment to streamline tasks. Aprima uses the latest technology and HL7 standards to provide access to a wide range of systems and equipment.

Credit Card Processing
Save time and reduce errors with automatic posting of all major credit/debit card payments to your patient ledger. Aprima partners with Easy Pay to help you process payments and automatically post approved transactions to your patient ledger.

Messaging and Workflow
With the Aprima task management system, you will automatically route, track and document much of your practice’s routine workflow. Authorizations and prescription refills become dramatically easier and faster with our messaging system.

Aprima’s built-in reports are customizable and provide immediate access to information on HIPAA compliance, billing and productivity, clinical orders, medication management and other critical data.

For more information, please call us at (225) 752-7700 or contact an AOS representative.