As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to protect your business on all fronts. Advanced Office Systems’ newest product offering, Verkada Office Security Systems, makes ensuring the security of your building, employees and assets easy. See how Verkada’s all-in-one solutions can provide your business with the protection and peace of mind it deserves.

Powerful Recognition Software

Verkada video analytics recognizes every person and vehicle that enters the property. Its powerful recognition software allows users to search people, cars and objects by appearance, clothing, color and more.

24/7 Remote Access and Cloud-Based Control

Verkada access control offers easy-to-deploy, cloud-based solutions for every building, door and user. Its remote management capabilities allow users to securely authorize entries, schedules and settings from any device with cloud-based access control. 

Advanced Video Security

Simple to set up and online within minutes of installation, Verkada uses intelligent, secure and easy-to-manage video security. With built-in storage, Verkada cameras can store up to 365 days of standard quality footage without needing NVRs or DVRs. 

Automatic Updates and Environmental Sensors

Equipped with environmental sensors, business owners can monitor and detect changes across their offices with automatic updates to stay ahead of potential threats.

Real-time Visibility

With seamless integration and access control, Verkada’s video security allows teams to view everything across all locations with access to live security footage feeds. 

Ready to invest in an office security system you can trust? As a Verkada supplier, we have the expertise to install and implement end-to-end security solutions to keep your business covered. Contact us to start protecting your assets today with Verkada security solutions customized to your business needs.