Print Management

What is Print Management?

Today, employees in large corporations print out an average of some 1,200 pages a month each, costing their companies $750 per employee a year in expenses like printer operation and maintenance and supplies of paper, ink, and toner. Wall Street Journal, The Paper Trail

Do you know how many printing devices you have, where they are deployed, or how much you pay annually to operate them?

Do you have a system in place to monitor your print output and streamline the delivery of service and supplies?

Do you want to help reduce your company’s carbon footprint without sacrificing productivity?

Let the professionals at iPrint help identify, track, and reduce your print output expenses. We help businesses optimize their infrastructure through comprehensive cost analysis and productivity enhancements over time.

Our team will work with you to design a program that fits your unique business needs. You’ll experience a reduction in printing expenses, lower energy consumption, and a more efficient use of paper while improving the productivity and satisfaction of your end-users.

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