What is Document Imaging?

With the latest advancements in technology, tasks that were once time-consuming have now turned into a few simple clicks. Gone are the days of having to sift through mountains of paperwork and manually enter data and more workflow improvements are created every day. 

One constant technique for streamlining office efficiency should be a document imaging plan. As a means to accelerate office productivity, document imaging software converts paper documents into an electronic format. This makes accessing documents much more efficient while also clearing up valuable office space and cutting costs used for physical storage. 

According to Forbes, “The typical office worker spends an estimated 30% to 40% of their day searching for printed documents… and corporations spend some $120 billion annually on printed forms, which typically become outdated in just three months.” With document imaging, you can better control efficiency and runaway costs. Not to mention, storing paperwork digitally protects your information from disaster. 

When you partner with Advanced Office System, our expert technicians use software to organize all of your hard copy and electronic communications into a customized filing system. Through our document imaging services, we provide partners with a free comprehensive needs assessment, complete project planning and estimating, secure document shipment and storage, and scanning services. Contact us to get your free needs assessment today and learn more about the benefits of document imaging.